Zoie Samuels was an extraordinary cat who brightened every room she entered. She loved being outside, enjoying fresh air and sunshine as much as possible. She was a well-traveled cat, as she lived in four different states. She was born in Kansas, eventually calling New York, Florida, and Colorado her homes. Despite being a creature of habit, Zoie was an incredibly adaptable cat and taught her family to be the same… to make the most of your situation regardless of where you are, and to relax and find joy and happiness in the small, simple things. She loved her treats, her “specialty food” every evening, whipped cream, cheesecake, ice cream, breakfast sandwiches, and cheese. Zoie loved helping wrap Christmas gifts. She loved keeping her dad company while he worked, joining her momma for coffee every early morning, and sitting at the table with her dad during breakfast. She enjoyed looking out the window at the birds, squirrels, and rabbits. She loved drinking water out of the bathroom sink, and helping her momma in the kitchen. She especially enjoyed long afternoon naps on the patio. Zoie touched so many lives and left a lasting impact on this earth, teaching those closest to her to be better human beings. She will never be forgotten and will be deeply loved for eternity.