Jackie Matz

Feb 23, 2018

Good morning,

My name is Jackie Matz and I’m writing you all to thank you for helping us with our decision to put our sweet kitty, Missy to sleep last week. It was a heart-breaking decision to make but Dr. Kari Walters put our minds at ease and provided us with a beautiful, loving, peaceful experience. She has a beautiful heart and a loving spirit and we felt very blessed to have her help Missy “cross the rainbow bridge” as they say.

She curled our sweet little kitty up into a cozy basket and blanket before taking her away, and that is the lasting visual we have of our little Missy. Cozy, comfortable, and finally at peace.

Thank you so very much Dr. Kari! We will definitely be referring your service to our friends who are faced with the difficult decision of putting their pet to rest. My daughter Caroline and I appreciate you and your kind heart and we won’t forget you.

Warm regards,

Jackie Matz