John & Dylan

Feb 23, 2018

Dear Dr. Larry,
We wanted to take a moment to Thank you for coming in to our lives and so graciously helping us through such a difficult time.

The breadth of love we have for Maddie is so expensive that it became impossible to comprehend life without her. And while we feel we kep her best interest in mind at all times, we became conflicted when what was in her best interest was taking a different path than the one we had been on together for so long. Your unique combination of experience, knowledge and empathy helped us understand the situation as a whole and aided us in the making one of the most difficult decsions we have ever had to make.

It’s true that the pathway taken can make all the difference in how the journey is later perceived. You helped us choose a path for Maddie that has resulted in memories of love and joy. Comfort is all Maddie ever knew andthat is how it should be.

The word that come to mind to describe someone who helps through these difficult times is “Angel”. That is how we perceive you, and we thank you deeply for being at our side at our time of need.

Blessings to you,
John & Dylan