Michelle, Randy, Rylee, Sean, Alyssa

Feb 23, 2018

We can’t thank Caring Pathways enough for the kind and compassionate care you provided to our family and our loyal friend of 15 1/2 years. On Thanksgiving day, 2013, we said good bye to our sweet, gentle boy, Trae. Our family was blessed to have had such a long life with our wonderful companion. One of our biggest fears about Trae getting older, was that letting him go would be unbearable. Losing a loved one is not easy, but Caring Pathways provided such a dignified and graceful end to his life. I was nervous that Trae was failing on Thanksgiving Day, and that someone might not be available. Dr. Mary Ann Smith called us right back and was so kind and reassuring on the phone.

“Dr. Danielle” Rope arrived within an hour. She was so calm and caring and walked us through the process. As hard as it was, it was exactly how we wanted our loved one to pass. I can’t express how much fear and pain was alleviated by their caring approach.

I would recommend Caring Pathways to all.

Trae loved us unconditionally, and we miss him terribly every day. We are so grateful for all the memories of our “good ol’ boy -who warmed the entrance of our home, for all who entered.

You will never be forgotten friend…

love you forever Trae
Michelle, Randy, Rylee, Sean, Alyssa