Testimonial from Dana Lawson

Sep 15, 2022

No words will ever be adequate to express the gratitude that I feel towards Caring Pathways and, specifically, Dr. Angel Han.

My little 17 1/2 year-old Miniature Schnauzer, Maxie, suddenly took a dramatic turn for the worse on a Thursday evening. Dr. Han called me back at 10:30 in the evening. She returned my call even though I had not left a voice message. I think she sensed that something was wrong and reached out to me on her own.

Dr. Han was able to be at my house at 1 AM. She came in the house and immediately took the time to get to know my little Maxie as well as myself and my friend Jon. Dr. Han’s care and compassion and love was a blessing to all of us that evening. Dr. Han’s first name is “Angel” and, without question, I can say that she is so appropriately named. Dr. Han is indeed an angel. She made the most difficult night of my life easier. My precious little pup had a quiet and peaceful transition. Thank you Caring Pathways and Dr. Han for all that you did for us that evening. We will never forget you. God bless you.