On June 1st we said goodbye to our dearest companion, our dog Aslan. She was with us for 10 years and they went by much too fast. We adopted Aslan a couple of weeks before our wedding, not an ideal time to take in a new dog, but we must have sensed on some deep level how perfect she was for us. We kept her name, Aslan, meaning lion in Turkish. She didn’t have the best start in life, born on a reservation and was not socialized, which led her to be fearful and avoidant of most everyone she met initially. People who met her often recognized how special she was but only occasionally would she allow someone unfamiliar to pet her. However, she bonded with us and others who cared for her over the years and was the most faithful dog you could ask for. We had so many adventures together, she always wanted to go along and did whenever possible. She joined us on countless climbing outings, hikes, backpacking and road trips. She was accepting of all of our feline companions, allowing them to cuddle with her, and she was the most gentle of souls with our son from the time he was born. We are so lucky she came into our lives.

We are eternally grateful to Intermountain Humane Society for taking her in when she was overlooked at a smaller shelter in rural Colorado where she had been for several months. And so grateful to the foster families who cared for her after seeing how hard the shelter environment was on her. She was given a better chance in life thanks to them.

Thank you Dr. Nicole for helping us provide the most loving, peaceful transition for our beloved girl in her home.

We miss you dear girl, you’ll forever be in our hearts.