Caring Pathways provided a very peaceful eternal rest to my Keelah girl on Feb 19th, 2022. She lived a youthful, mountain filled 13.5 year life and so loving of Colorado. She was a most lovable family member, never barking even when anyone ever approached the front door. Very intelligent Aussie, looked just like her father. I can never get enough of all the wonderful pictures of her. Everywhere we traveled, people would comment on how beautiful she was. It was her spirit of life that made her such a great companion. She received daily massages from the time she was a pup to the very end. It was a difficult decision but I could she it in her eyes that she needed to slip away. She will be forever missed but her photos and memories will keep her in my heart. Again, I thank Broadview for her life long care and for Caring Pathways to a beautiful transition into her next life. I will always love you Keelah.