Our hearts are broken as of February 3, 2022. We lost our beloved girl LK (which stands for little kitty). She was 20 years old. She was about 6 months old when my husband rescued her. She was being mistreated horribly from some kids that found her. She did not have a home so he took her in and got her the healthcare she needed and gave her a home in Clovis, CA. When he moved to Colorado she came along and lived the rest of her life with so much love and care. She developed pancreatitis which we managed by a good diet and regular medication. As time went on her kidneys got worse. We were devastated because we did everything in our power to keep her healthy and comfortable, however she did suffer a stroke. We reached out to Caring Pathways where they constantly gave such support in consulting us. We weren’t ready to let her go, however with the utmost compassion from Dr. Steve he explained what she may be going through and feeling. We never wanted her to suffer or have pain. He was so compassionate and understanding. Yes it was the most difficult day we will never forget. But we have the most beautiful memories of a little girl that gave us so much love to our family. She truly was our little princess. We miss her dearly and hold her to our heart forever. Thank you Caring Pathways for your support.