Words can hardly express how grateful we were for Dr. Angel’s compassion and expertise yesterday when we had to make the difficult decision that our Luke needed end of life care. Special attention was taken to explain the process to my 9-year old daughter, who was already extremely upset to be losing a family pet who had been in our lives since before she was born. A rescue found in Atlanta, Luke was the glue that held us together as we moved across the country and away from our human family. He provided comfort during the tough times and was our extra spark of joy during the best of times. Luke was such an important member of our family and I couldn’t have fathomed having an unfamiliar vet’s office be his last memory. Caring Pathways came highly recommended and exceeded all of our expectations. Luke will be greatly missed, but Dr. Angel made sure our last moments with him were a positive celebration of his life and the wonderful times we shared with him over the past 11 years. Absolutely exceptional service – thank you for providing such positive reassurance during this trying time.