Maggie found her way to me in 2012 via New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue. The rescue picked her up in a small town in Kansas, where someone had been shooting at her because she was going through dumpsters. She had just had a litter of puppies and was trying to find food. When I met Maggie she was very timid, very shy and didn’t have a lot of confidence. Over the years with lots of love and comfort I was able to provide an environment for her that helped bring her out of her shell. In 2014 Maggie started going blind. As she began to lose her eyesight, she and I became closer. I started paying attention to how to guide her, and became more attentive to her needs. Maggie or “Mags” became “Mooster”, and we became closer each year that I was going through transitions -Divorce, job changes, and many other personal challenges.

She was always there for me. It wasn’t until the last few years that I realized how much effect she really had on me. As I moved through personal challenges with depression and anxiety, I watched as my dog’s blindness inspired me to be resilient. Although she had gone blind, she was still very loving and gentle, and always got up after crashing, falling, and tripping. She pushed on with the joys of life, and always greeted me with a wagging tail. Maggie’s favorite thing to do was to roll in the snow on quiet winter days. Usually with her little winter jacket on, she enjoyed digging her nose into the cold, white snow, and then rolling over and smiling the whole time as she “wormed” (as I call it) on her back. She was the most gentle living soul I have ever met in my life, and I will forever miss her and the calming effect she had on me when I was anxious or felt like I just didn’t have the strength. I will forever miss her gentleness and sweet spirit.