Zeppelin Tadlock’s Celebration of Life

July 13, 2013 – January 6, 2021

Zeppelin “Zeppy Boy” Tadlock was born on July 13th 2013, in Rapid City, South Dakota. Zeppelin was the son of Crystal and Troy Tadlock. He is survived by his sister, Ms. Josey Wales and brothers Mr. Pixel and Ritzy.

Zeppelin was the sweetest boy. His favorite activities were going for walks (or sniffs), being a polite big brother and going on long car rides to take naps. He also loved steamed carrots, hanging with his best friend Suki and never hesitated to ask for butt scratches. Zeppelin was always so thrilled when Grandma Saintsey came to visit from Wisconsin. Sometimes he would get three walks a day!

It was only natural that Zeppelin became a Packer fan. He loved watching games at the house in particular, because he knew when the song “Bang on the Drum” by Todd Rundgren started to play, he would receive touchdown treats!

Some of his life accomplishments include but are not limited to; Completing a fourteener with his dad, being featured as Packer dog of the week, buying his own doggy CBD in a Colorado dispensary, growing into his mustache, winning a Halloween costume contest dress as “Mr. Z” (play on Mr. T) and enjoying one of his birthday parties at Zeppelin station in Denver. They even had a pupcake truck!

Zeppelin was a certified licensed pants investigator. What does that entail ? He knew the second we opened the dresser pant drawer and would peel into the bedroom. Once the pants were selected, he would sniff them thoroughly, calculating the chances of him being invited somewhere with selected pants. Have these pants been on a hike? To Stanley Lake? Or simply work pants? Once the investigation was complete, he would file the acquired information for future reference. He would either be glued to your hip, knowing he was going on an adventure or lay down. He was such a smart boy.

Zeppelin loved frolicking around in the snow on Indian Tree Golf Course and playing frisbee at Ferrufino park in Arvada. He would sit and watch the squirrels eat their breakfast and loved sunbathing.

He was definitely a homebody. If we brought him camping it was hard for him to relax because he was concerned about who was patrolling the house. He always made sure everyone was safe and accounted for. He would do nightly bed checks to confirm the family was tucked in, then he would rest. He preferred being home, sleeping next to the cozy fireplace.

More than anything, Zeppelin loved his humans. He always greeted them with his wiggle butt and extra energy. He was a constant best friend and showed the greatest unconditional love. He was a natural comedian and a day didn’t pass where he didn’t make you laugh. Every time we opened the garage, there was his square head smiling at you through the circle hole.

Earlier this year, Zeppelin had a stint at the hospital that lead us to believe he had an autoimmune disorder. He had a way of accepting life, whatever it brought and to make the best from it. He pushed through and was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. Thank you to Mandalay animal hospital in Westminster and CSU vet hospital in Fort Collins for their care and attention to detail. Thank you to special friend, Sandy Helmer, for being there through tough times and helping with vet visits. Your help and love really meant a lot.

We will think of Zeppelin every time we put on pants, have carrots for dinner or hear Led Zeppelin. He will be with us everywhere we go.

He will be sincerely missed and forever remembered. We are certain he will have the best boxer zoomies on the other side.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you give all your fur children an extra treat in honor of Zeppy boy #ZeppelintheBoxer

The hardest part about having a dog is saying the final goodbye.

Please remember that grief is a small price to pay for the wonderful gift that animals give you; the priceless treasure of their unconditional love.

Zeppelin Tadlock Celebration of Life