In March I had to make that very tough decision to say goodbye to our sweet, mischievous, always entertaining and engaging tuxedo kitty Zoe. She was approaching her 20th birthday. She came into this world when her mama Petunia snuck into my bedroom closet to have the litter. For 20 years she has been my one constant companion through good and bad. We always joked about her being our “dog-kitty” because she really thought she was just one of our dogs – and of course the most important one in her mind! I knew I had to honor her with the kindest thing we can do for our beloved companions and contacted staff at Caring Pathways. As soon as Dr. Mindy Brewster arrived at my doorstep the fear and anxiety my daughter and I were feeling so intensely melted away as she walked in and began talking with us. The last act of love as a pet owner we can do for our pets is to make sure they experience a quiet, peaceful, comfortable exit from our world. I can’t express my gratitude enough to the folks who are a part of this wonderful service. Thank you Dr. Mindy!